Computer generated art NFT collection

abstart NFT

Abstrart is a computer generated art NFT collection where each new drop is inspired by a unique and remarkable art piece.

Exclusively on Solana
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Drop 1/42

The Persistence of Space

When Albert Einstein and Salvador Dalí come together, they opened a wormhole in our consciences trying to capture time on a digital canvas.

Drop 2/42


Announcement OTCOBER 20

Computer says yes

It booted. It’s on. It’s ready to create.

Drop #1 November 16th

The Persistence of Space

The very first Abstrart 100 pieces will be minted at this event. All information regarding the mint event will be shared on Abstrart Discord Server


Feels good man

It will.


How is the Abstrart art created?

We provide a real world historically or socially significant art piece to a custom computer program. The program then creates unique limited edition art pieces using different generative tools whose parameters are impressed by the original work of art.

How many Abstrart NFTs will be released?

There will be exactly 42 drops with 100 unique abstrart NFT artworks minted on each drop.

How do I claim an Abstrart NFT?

In order to purchase an abstrart NFT, you’ll need to use Solana, which you can get at most of the exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, FTX). Once you get some SOL, you’ll need a wallet to store it in. The most popular and secure Solana supported wallet is Phantom Wallet.

How can I get on a pre-sale or where is the first drop taking place?

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